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Jeremy J. Hoffmann is a spiritual life coach who transforms lives by guiding you back to your power, spiritual values and unlocking the potential within.

Who is Jeremy J. Hoffmann?

Jeremy helps students from all walks of life by offering spiritual guidance.

I am a facilitator of transformation with a passion to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. I use innovative modalities including energy clearing, activations, meditation, and intuitive channeling to awaken you to your greatest potential. I touch on all aspects of life, physical, mental, emotional, and energetic. Fusing my energetic gifts with divine knowledge and wisdom to assist you in expanding your mind, enhancing your awareness and connecting you to your next level self. The authentic you.

Jeremy J. Hoffmann's Mission

Spiritual Life Coaching

My vision is to inspire others to awaken the power within to shape their dream reality without limitations. A vision to bridge deep connection and spirituality, merging that with entrepreneurship, action, and co- creation. In doing this we can continue to build heaven right here on Earth, through our individual and collective experiences.


Learn more about Jeremy's different services offerings, and how they can help.

1-On-1 Coaching

I offer exclusive, high level 1-on-1 coaching sessions, with a highly personalized hands on experience.

Group Self Mastery Program

Gain access to Jeremy's teachings in a group setting. Meet other likeminded individuals, and grow your perspective.

Private Community Group

Jeremy's Private Community Group is the place where all of his resources are held. Join today to start your journey.

Keynote Video

Watch this keynote video to learn about what I do.

Watch this keynote video to learn more about what I do and how I can be of service to you. To view more content and blogs, please click the green button below.

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Customer Success

Featured Client
Success Stories

"I’ve reached a certain clarity where I’m able to concisely think and process events in my life and perceive them in a positive way where I learn and ultimately progress in my business and personal life. Recently we were able to realize that currently where I am in life is exactly where I am suppose to be and that I’m on the right path striving toward goals and success in business and personal life"

"I was struggling with being overwhelmed with my business and not being able to balance my physical and mental health with the high-pressure expectations of my life. Jeremy and his program allowed me to make significant changes in such a short time. I now have a clear picture of what was holding me back and have incorporated new positive habits that have transformed my life for the better."

"These past few months have been some of the most valuable in my life as I have learned many coping mechanisms and healing methodologies that have removed blockages in my life that I was unaware of. The process of learning to forgive myself, forgive others and learning daily introspection have immensely affected my reality."

"Jeremy has not only changed my life, but everyone around me, who gets to experience my spiritual awakening and the healing of my own wounds. The people in my community that surrender and join in on these indescribable and magical journeys that Jeremy makes a possibility also benefit beyond that words can explain."

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