About Jeremy

Learn more about Jeremy J. Hoffmann's journey, what he stands for, and how he helps individuals like yourself attain a spiritual awakening and develop a limitless mindset.

About Jeremy Hoffmann

Jeremy Hoffmann is renowned internationally for his program that combines business with practical spirituality what he calls functional flow.

Working with many CEOs and business leaders 1-on-1, Jeremy helps put clients on the pathway they need to achieve their spiritual balance and fulfillment in their life. Jeremy cultivates the steps that allow you to operate in life with an upgraded mindset and perspective.

He is also the founder of Conscious Oasis, a wellness center that will be shifting the way people gather in community and human optimization. Jeremy’s vision is to inspire others to awaken the spiritual strength within to shape their dream reality without limitations. A vision to bridge deep connection and spirituality, merging that with entrepreneurship, action, and co-creation. In doing this, we can continue to build heaven right here on Earth, through our individual and collective experiences. I’ve been reading, researching, and traveling to build my library of knowledge and experience.

"I’ve used many tools, practices, and resources to reprogram on both the conscious and subconscious levels. And I’m here to help you do the same. To translate that information and guide you to your own inner and outer alignment."  

In his free time, Jeremy can be found connecting with nature by mountain biking, snowboarding, and hiking. He also is constantly educating and learning about new ways to be living life in functional flow.

Jeremy's Mission

Most people are set on compiling all the things that society claims will make you happy. But instead of feeling whole and complete, you still feel a sense of loneliness and disconnection. Maybe you’re suffering from anxiety, stress, or tension. You don’t know how to properly process whatever it is you’re feeling. You don’t know a healthy way to deal with it all.  You might have had glimpses of what true freedom means to you. You might have even tasted it. But where you are now and where you want to go, seems so far away and you don’t know how to find that connection again. You don’t know how to fill that gap.  

We are here to help guide you back to a life filled with more passion, performance, and purpose, and spiritual direction. So that you can reach YOUR level of ultimate fulfillment. To help you rid yourself of stress and anxiety, reconnect you back to your authentic self and live the life you know you were always worthy of living.  We’ve been there ourselves. We were workaholics, accumulating all the things we thought we needed in order to feel successful. Thinking that cars, houses, people, and all external things would make me happy. Instead,  felt lost, not knowing what direction to go or which way to turn. Searching for significance externally, thinking that these outside sources of a validation defined who we were. But finally realizing that nothing outside of us would bring soul healing, happiness, or success.

Living with passion, purpose, and integrity is what brings success and inner happiness to you. It’s what magnetizes your desires to you. It’s time to finally release the expectations of others and take back control of your life. It’s time to take responsibility for yourself to find YOUR inner happiness and spiritual values. And once you start taking responsibility for your life, and set on the path to find inner authentic passion, power, and purpose, you become abundant, inside and out.  Are you ready to regain control of your mind and of your life?  Let's connect, and come join me on this incredible journey.