Group Self Mastery Program

Next Start Date: July 1st, 2020

This program is designed to be the ultimate meeting grounds for positive change in your life. Connect with other likeminded individuals that are on a path to creating a new limitless mindset.

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About the Group

This group is for people wanting to learn how to connect back to themselves so they can unlock their best self. To have access to endless innovative content that encourages a new perspective of how we live our lives. To have the support of others, other people that are going through similar situations that can also help support your path.This group is for those wanting to master themselves.

As humans, we thrive when we come together. Since the beginning of time, we have formed traditions to come together to celebrate, to grief, and connect. This community is about coming together to learn new perspectives, to strengthen your inner connection, and to upgrade to why I call a limitless mindset. We thrive when we do these things as a community, and I am here to co-create this powerful container with you all.

I have spent much time tuning in and coming up with the best way to position what I do; how to share the highest level value and content with all of you. To support your self-mastery and transformation. I have tried many ways to bring this message to life, yet this remains to be the most powerful and effective for everyone involved.

Through this Community Coaching Model, I am able to offer you the most value for the best exchange. This model also allows me to spend my time remembering more about how to navigate this journey we have agreed to live and share that purely and authenticity with you. I am able to share my network of the powerhouses that I surround myself with, with you. This container allows me to open up and share the other fields of expertise I have.

A place where I can have all of my content and resources organized and optimized for you to access whenever you want. Constant innovation and learning how I can enhance your experience on the platform.

About The Program

The world around us is swiftly changing. Everywhere we look, we are surrounded by panic, anxiety, and hysteria about world events.

As we sit at home, waiting for the turmoil to subside, many of us are continuing to dwell on the uncertainty that these challenging times are causing within our lives.
Jobs are on the line. Many businesses are struggling immensely. People we know are getting sick. Stores are being depleted of resources.

I see the world in energetics. My expertise is showing you the perspective and mindset to master the energy in your life. I use ancient and modern modalities, to wake you up to your next level self, the most powerfully authentic version of you. You will gain clarity and inspiration in your life from these upgrades that will allow you to remember what it means to live again. Having a newfound passion for life that is cultivated in an inner connection causing a ripple effect into your external world. Our external world is a reflection of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs...Where do your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs lie? We will break out of the old paradigm that has you trapped in fear and limitations, into a world that is truly limitless. You are the master of your life, and now it is time to step into that mastery. The time is NOW. Allow me to share my perspective, wisdom, and experience so you can make the same transformation I have made in mine. 

Are you ready to take responsibility, accountability, and action to optimize your life? If this calls to you then this container will serve as a catalyst for your energetic optimization. You have been gifted this time to look at your life through a new lens and I am here to guide you to unlocking your next level self. The authentic you.

What's Included

  • Four 1-hour weekly group coaching calls (45 minutes will address most pressing questions in the group, 15 minutes will be the weekly message for the group)
  • Weekly lessons (60-90 mins)
  • Weekly routine suggestions for overall optimization and wellness (I will help plan your daily routine)
  • Access to me via slack messenger (will reply within 12 hours)
  • Access to my latest recordings and resources for free
  • Being added into a group of like-minded individuals from around the world
  • Recordings of all the group calls
  • Weekly activations
  • Daily updates from me to motivate you in your days

Program Timeline

  1. Week 1: Intro to meditation, breathwork, and a new perspective. Intention setting
  2. Week 2: Diminishing limitations and expanding mindset
  3. Week 3: Optimizing and activating the energy in your life, tuning into your passions
  4. Week 4: Cultivating action steps that inspire a new way of living


$333 CAD

One-time payment.
Next Program Starts July 1st, 2020

The Group Self Mastery Program is an incredible way to gain access to my mentorship whilst also meeting other likeminded individuals. This program includes much of the same content as in my One-On-One Coaching Program, but in a group setting. Look forward to weekly calls, action steps, written guides, and video resources to help you stay on track.

Customer Success

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Success Stories

"I’ve reached a certain clarity where I’m able to concisely think and process events in my life and perceive them in a positive way where I learn and ultimately progress in my business and personal life. Recently we were able to realize that currently where I am in life is exactly where I am suppose to be and that I’m on the right path striving toward goals and success in business and personal life"

"I was struggling with being overwhelmed with my business and not being able to balance my physical and mental health with the high-pressure expectations of my life. Jeremy and his program allowed me to make significant changes in such a short time. I now have a clear picture of what was holding me back and have incorporated new positive habits that have transformed my life for the better."

"These past few months have been some of the most valuable in my life as I have learned many coping mechanisms and healing methodologies that have removed blockages in my life that I was unaware of. The process of learning to forgive myself, forgive others and learning daily introspection have immensely affected my reality."

"Jeremy has not only changed my life, but everyone around me, who gets to experience my spiritual awakening and the healing of my own wounds. The people in my community that surrender and join in on these indescribable and magical journeys that Jeremy makes a possibility also benefit beyond that words can explain."